Connor Drinan’s Bad Poker Beat Will Steal Your Soul

There are bad poker beats, and then there are ones that rip your heart out and kick it into the wastebasket sitting in the corner of your treehouse. What Connor Drinan suffered at the hands of Cary Katz would most definitely be considered the latter.

Drinan went all-in with pocket aces against Katz’s set of bullets, and both carried 2% odds of winning the hand. From there Katz collected a couple of hearts on the flop, another on the turn, and saw his odds of winning the hand balloon to 20% waiting on the river. With the flip of the final card, Drinan about lost his lunch on the table while watching his $1M buy-in fly out the window and into the arms of another lover.

And because life is better with a Price Is Right horn, here you go. (courtesy of Uproxx).