Donald Sterling Is Most-Hated Man In America, Per Market Research Poll

Sure Donald Sterling has done some bad things in his day – slumlord, unflinching bigot, 30 years of Clippers futility, etc. – but is that enough to warrant being the “most-hated man in America?” According to a market research poll released on Thursday it is.

Sterling beat out the likes of swindler Bernie Madoff, degenerate Michael Lohan, d-bag Justin Bieber and various men tried for murder (Conrad Murray, OJ Simpson, Aaron Hernandez and Phil Spector) to earn the ignominious distinction.

The poll questioned 1,100 people between the ages of 13-49 across a wide spectrum of demographics. While 92% of the people familiar with Sterling disliked him, the number grew as high as 97% in males between the ages of 13-24.

Below is a list of the 10 most-hated men in America (along with a percentage of  the population who dislikes them) as determined by E-Poll Market Research.

  1. Donald Sterling – 92%
  2. Bernie Madoff – 90%
  3. Conrad Murray/OJ Simpson – 88%
  4. Justin Bieber – 86%
  5. Phil Spector – 83%
  6. Aaron Hernandez – 81%
  7. Michael Lohan – 76%
  8. Eliot Spitzer – 73%
  9. Jon Gosselin – 71%

Obviously this poll is an extremely small sampling of the general public, but it’s still interesting to see that bold-faced racism stacks Sterling atop a sociopath like Madoff. And how John Edwards escaped this list, but Eliot Spitzer made it is also questionable. Alas, the heart knows hates what it wants.

[Darren Rovell]