Epic Worldwide Marriage Proposal Walks More Than 500 Miles

No matter what you have planned for your marriage proposal, it probably won’t come close to this epic production from Jack Hyer. That’s not a knock on every other man out there, but rather a compliment to just how extraordinary this proposal is.

Over the course of four years, Hyer visited 26 countries worldwide to produce a lip-syncing version of “I’m Gonna Be (500 miles)” by The Proclaimers.

First, Hyer’s YouTube description, followed by the actual video.

Decided I wanted to marry my girlfriend after first date. Traveled to 26 countries during 4 years of dating to make this proposal video from around the world.

Now, hopefully no females see this. It’s tough enough living up to the unrealistic Bachelor-type expectations girls believe in.

For more information on the proposal, check out Fox59’s coverage here.