Geotagged Tweets During The USA World Cup Match Show Roller Coaster Of Emotions

Sunday night, the U.S. Men’s National Team took on Portugal in their second game of the World cup group stage. The game started out unfavorably for the USA after Portugal scored the first goal in the 5th minute of play. Fortunately, the USMNT brought their A game and played exceptional soccer for the rest of regulation, scoring two goals (Jones, 64′, Dempsey 81′) to lead Portugal 2-1.

However, in the final seconds of the five extra stoppage-time minutes of the match, Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo sent a perfectly crossed ball over to Silvestre Varela who headed it in for the equalizer.

If you watched it, you can remember your emotions during the match. If you didn’t watch, first shame on you and second no worries. Thanks to geotagging of Tweets, we can now see how the world reacted to each goal of the USA vs. Portugal match.