GIF: Drew Brees’ sack face is the most scared sack face

This is the face Drew Brees makes when he realizes he’s about to become Greg Hardy’s sack lunch.

[GIF via @SBNationGIF]

  • musicman495

    Very clever, genius. How about we see the face you make when a 300 lb man is about to fall on you? Who do you suppose is more afraid of those big mean defenders, Glenn McGraw or a Future Hall of Famer? Or why don’t you make a GIF of the face Hardy made when he recorded exactly one tackle and no sacks and no hits in 60 mins. against Brees two weeks ago? Or the face Newton makes when he is losing and wearing a towel over his head? Go back to “engineering.”

  • swampwiz

    Not scared, just bracing himself for the hit.