Girl Hit In Head With Shovel Vine Is Mesmerizing

Warning: You will have a hard time quitting this Vine of a girl getting hit in the head with a shovel.

If you want more, which you probably do, here’s the whole video of the fight.

[H/T Outkick The Coverage]


For you worried and curious folks out there, shovel girl is not dead. She also appears to have regained her hearing.

Except for the moral fabric of America – gone but not forgotten – everything is as it was.

  • Nick the Rat

    She died. My friend from Ohio confirmed it. It was in the papers. Her family is devastated. Its so sad. She was only 16.

  • Barrack Hussein

    I dug up her dead body and tapped that skanky teenaged a$$.. Then I spooged in the shovel dent in her head. It was fun.

  • Nick the Rat

    She died guys, this aint funny

  • Jesse Williams

    She did pass away in the hospital one day later. You can see here.