Graphic: Florida’s 2014 recruiting vs. FSU and Miami

Remember that one time a former Florida recruit, who flipped to FSU, said that the Gators didn’t have the Seminoles’ talent? From the looks of ESPN’s recruiting numbers, the Orange and Blue is doing just fine.

Wait a minute, is that one more top 100 recruit and the same amount of ESPN 300 players for the Gators? Yes, yes it is.

florida fsu miami recruiting class

Considering the disaster that was the 2013 season, it’s arguable that the Gators pulled in the most impressive class of the year.

  • G4t0rs Suck

    Are you kidding me?!? The orange and blue and in deep sh*t. At the rate the players keep jumping ship, they may not have enough players to field a team this fall. Get a clue. Terrible article.

  • NolesSuck

    Um, one player transferred buddy. And that’s because we were so loaded at his position, we couldn’t play him there. You flipped two of our recruits, we flipped three of yours. Get a clue.

  • David

    Here is the difference. You can sign as many players you want, but that does not mean it makes you a better team. FSU has better coaching, better returning players, and most important a QB that can play. You are reaching and it is sad. Have some dignity and just realize that the Orange and Blue are going to struggle for years to come.