High School Baseball Game In Japan Takes 50 Innings, 1,398 Pitches

A baseball game that started on Thursday in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan went into extra innings and didn’t end with a winner until Sunday.

Four days.

Chukyo and Sotoku played to a 0-0 tie at the end of nine innings and a winner wouldn’t be decided for 41 more innings. More amazing than that stat, though, is the fact that both starting pitchers pitched the entire game.

Chukyo’s Taiga Matsui threw 709 pitches and Sotoku’s Jukiya Ishoika threw 689 before Chukyo finally took the lead and won the game.

The game was part of a rubber-ball tournament, which uses a ball that doesn’t travel as far off the bat as a regular baseball. You can see how the ball bounces in the video below.

Chukyo went on to win the tournament where Matsui actually came on in relief and threw 77 more pitches.

It’s safe to assume their arms are jello right now.