Jameis Winston Crabgate Taiwanese Style Is The Video We’ve Been Waiting For

We finally have the video from Jameis Winston’s “Crabgate” that we’ve been waiting for. The crafty folks at Tomo News have done it again with their Taiwanese animation. We are pretty sure this reenactment is exactly how Winston stealing crabs went down, all the way to a giant Miami crab snatching him up.

First, the YouTube description, and then the recreation of “Crabgate.”

Famous Jameis may be a playmaker, but he’s a horrible storyteller. The incident report released on Tuesday says Winston appeared to avoid deputies when he “forgot to pay” for crab legs at Publix last week.

Police said Winston ordered crab legs and crawfish and then left the store. Surveillance video then shows Winston come back, get his seafood and then pop over to the dairy aisle for butter.

As he was leaving, Winston appeared to pause in front of a security guard, then walk behind him, past all the registers and out the store. Employees noticed Winston leave and called cops when he didn’t return.

Apart from lying about forgetting to pay, looks like Winston also got away with that stick of butter that he said he dumped, but was never recovered. Because who eats crab legs without butter?

[College Spun]

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