Jennette McCurdy’s lingerie selfies leaked on Internet: Twitter reacts

This isn’t our typical Twitter reaction piece, but Jennette McCurdy’s leaked lingerie selfies aren’t part of a typical story. Allow us to lay out a timeline and show why.

McCurdy goes on Pete Holmes’ “You Made it Weird” podcast and discusses her quick relationship with Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond. The actress dumps on Drummond saying the couple didn’t hit it off, that the big man wasn’t a good kisser and other less-than-kind things. Drummond laughs off the comments and records a Vine saying something along the lines of “we must all live with our mistakes.” McCurdy’s photos are leaked online, and the Internet quickly moves on from their Oscars discussions.

Sex + Sports + Scandal = a giddy interweb. We decided to check out the ol’ Twitterverse and see what the dish was on McCurdy and Dummond. Here’s a sampling of the best of what’s around.