Johnny Manziel Naked Penis Selfies Erect New Endorsement Possibilities

Look at the bright side, Johnny Manziel, a ridiculously frivolous lawsuit about you sending naked selfies of your penis, among many other things, may have just opened up all new sorts of endorsement possibilities for you.

Let’s start with the obvious: Naked Juice. Talk about a home run endorsement for the company.

johnny manziel naked

Forget Oscar Meyer, the company might as well change their name to Oscar Manziel.

And Vienna Sausages. They’ve always been a favorite in America, they just haven’t had the ability to overpower the misconception some people have. Look, Vienna Sausages are delicious, and Johnny Manziel is the man to put them on the mainstream map.

We are talking about a revolution here, people. Ever since McDonald’s began giving the country cancer, hot dogs have taken a backseat. But not anymore, my friends. Manziel, do it for ‘Merica. The weiners deserve their time.