Kim Kardashian, Ray J Sex Tape Royalties In 2014 Are A Small Fortune

Kim Kardashian and Ray J are set to collect a small fortune in 2014 off of royalties from their sex tape. According to TMZ, Ray J is gifting Kim K and Kanye West four months of his sex tape royalties as a wedding present – which led us to the ridiculous yearly revenue the tape will bring in.

So far in 2014, Ray J has collected the following amount from the tape:

  • January  $6,135.60
  • February $20,097.31
  • March $9,674.76
  • April $10,931.52

That’s a total of $46,840.13 – no big deal. We aren’t exactly sure what Kardashian’s cut is, but TMZ reports that they are at least equal to Ray J’s. Taking that into consideration, Pete Blackburn of Next Impulse Sports has done the simple math to calculate the total royalties the two will make off the tape this year.

So for filming one episode of sex and releasing it to the world, the two are looking at a cool $280,000 in 2014. I clearly have been looking at life wrong all these years.