LeBron James, There’s No Crying In Basketball

Dear LeBron James, there’s no crying in basketball. It doesn’t matter if you’re getting dismantled by the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals. Udonis Haslem won’t let you embarrass Miami like this.

Now for the real talk …

I can only imagine the emotions James is experiencing after he tried to lift the whole Heat team on his back. Being the champion he is, James did an incredible job of keeping his composure on the sideline and in the post-game press conference.


  • pick the truth

    That’s really stupid. Sports is about emotion. And that in Lebron (who is a player I never liked at all but respect because he has history on his side) is just emotion. Sport is about surpassing screaming, cheering crying and I hope a few tears after u gave it all don’t make you lesser a man, except if u lived in early 1900’s

  • WTH

    Glenn McGraw
    , it’s a sport players are emotionally related to. Plus, I can’t clearly see whatever or not he was crying. You probably have never played any team sport if you make a statement like this one.

    Instead of writing 40-word articles which are disgrace – first for you then for this website, you should focus on doing something else.

    Have a nice day.

    • Jumpshipmate

      ehe! ehe! mommy lets go back to Cleveland.. ehe! ehe! I will never be like MJ & KB with 6 and 5 rings as for me I will only have 2 rings, weh-weh-weh.. mommy..

      • Fred

        Right with his ball hogging ass. Miami Fans been quiet since last night lol

    • Glenn

      I am well aware that sports are emotional. The blog post was simply meant to be a play off of “A League Of Their Own” (See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6M8szlSa-8o&feature=kp). James didn’t appear to be crying, and I didn’t claim that he was, rather just telling him that there is no crying in basketball.

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  • Logic Johnson

    LeBron cries on sidelines after losing Finals… internet meme.
    Chris Bosh cries in front of entire press conference after losing a few March games… nothing.