Miami High School Coach’s Hate Letter From Racist Fan In Alabama Is Disturbing

When it comes to football, the great state of Alabama never ceases to amaze. And while this may not be the majority view among Hoover High School football supporters, one hate letter sent to Miami Central High School coach Roland Smith reflects poorly on the entire fan base. 

Prior to Saturday’s showdown between the Florida and Alabama powerhouses, Smith received a piece of mail from “Hoover Bucs #1.” The back of the envelope stated “U F*cking N*gg***.”

According to Central alumni president William “D.C.” Clark, the inside of the letter read, “after we beat your [expletive] remind the Miami fans to pick up their chicken bones and red cups,” and that, “It was laced with all types of expletives.”

“It was disturbing for sure,” Smith told The Miami Herald. “But I don’t really want to go into it now. I’m keeping our focus on getting these kids ready to play this football game.”

Below is a look at the envelope.

miami high school coach hate letter

miami high school coach hate letter 1

Hoover and Miami Central will take the field on Saturday at 12:00 ET for a matchup that will be televised on ESPN.