Michael Jordan Shows LeBron James, Dwyane Wade Love

After LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat finished off the sweep of the Charlotte Bobcats, team owner and G.O.A.T. Michael Jordan was there to show the back-to-back champs some love.

Real recognizes real.

  • GQ

    bow down to da GOAT

  • Steven Watson

    Love LaBron James, he is always the gentlemen and rises above the junk. Jordon is all about Jordan and he know LaBron will eventually pass him as one of the best.

    • jaechun

      The respected individual and predecessor shows respect to the current player and youngster. And all that a fanboy can still say is the same redundunt arrogant remarks just to satisfy own blind worship to the media-made bandwagon? Utterly laughable. This guy is who he is now just because the NBA money market wanted him to be.
      A man who wasn’t called for a single foul for 6 consecutive games at one time but gets to the FT line whenever someone does so much as to touch him. Obvious flops and travels are overlooked on behalf of his kingness. And you all buy the sh!t from media and adore him, ignoring the obviouses. Typical.
      Sick and tired of today’s league’s puppetering on the people. No Defence? for the sake of more fancy offence? 20% up in league’s scoring? Do they even care about the unfairness for the players that had to go through tougher defenses to score? And you simple-minded people have to just buy what’s shown in front of you and think that is superior statistics compared to the past?
      I guess the rudicrous league is doing a superb job as people are only buying what it is trying to sell to them but the obvious flaws.

      • Vermin_Cain

        LeBron sure gave it to you without Vaseline…Otherwise you wouldn’t be so salty.