Minnesota state rep. Pat Garofalo really sent this tweet on the NBA

Just to remind everyone who our country is being run by, this doozy of a tweet came from Minnesota state representative Pat Garofalo regarding the NBA.

When asked to clarify, Garofalo offered a poor explanation to The Diss. He answered the following in an email:

Thanks for the email Kevin. I appreciate the chance to respond. I was talking about the NBA’s high arrest rate and that they are the only major pro league in which testing positive for marijuana is not a substance abuse violation. No intent beyond that. The culture among many pro athletes that they are above the law is the problem, not people pointing that problem out.

Garofalo later issued a statement to Minneapolis’ local ABC affiliate KSTP. For more on the tweet, The Diss has a fantastic in-depth post.

[H/T Deadspin]