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Olympic torch lighter Irina Rodnina tweeted a racist picture of the Obamas

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Not too long ago, in September 2013 to be exact, retired Russian figure skater Irina Rodnina tweeted a racist photo of President Barack Obama, wife Michelle and a banana. The tweet was eventually deleted, but it was too little to late.

Rodnina lit the Olympic flame at Sochi’s Opening Ceremony on Friday. With her in front of the world, Deadspin brought the tweet back to life.

irina rodnina obama racist tweet

Maybe try to change, Russia?

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What do you think?
  • YouHaveIssues

    Well I am not quite understanding why any Russian would make any Black American the source of their hatred. Russians have their own long history of abuse towards their people…not Blacks…and not Americans.

  • g

    that bitch!

    • larry burdge

      Which one?

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  • everybody loves bananas
  • Anzel

    haha best pic for a while :]

  • Lee Dutra

    Time to move on and stop calling everything racist. Some people are better than others at jokes and some are better at taking offense.

  • Ron Spin

    It’s too bad someone in the Russian Government took the time to insult our President with a sick joke. But, as they say, it’s time to move on. After all, consider the source -they’re Russian- what else remains to be said?

  • larry burdge

    So, What’s the problem?

  • larry burdge

    When it comes to teasing with food, that’s where I draw the line.

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