Woman Named Peyton Manning Arrested In Nashville On Felony Drug Charges

Peyton Manning was arrested early Monday in Nashville on felony drug charges. According to The Tennesseean, police pulled Manning over during an overnight traffic stop. Inside Manning’s car were two mason jars of marijuana and baggies of cocaine dissolving in a container of soda. Bail for Manning has been set at $20,000.

Here is Manning’s mugshot.

peyton manning

Metro Police

As for the other Peyton Manning (the QB Manning), he was in Virginia this weekend giving a commencement address to UVA graduates. You know, continuing to be a role model and doing standard good guy Peyton Manning things.

Perhaps the arrested Ms. Manning should try to step in line more with her presumed namesake.

  • wayne wright

    I’m always surprised that people choose to transport drugs in the middle of the night when the chances of getting stopped are greater and to break simple traffic rules while doing it. It would seem logical to do it in rush hour when everybody is just happy to be moving and the police are busy at minor fender benders. I guess that’s why they are criminals – going to prove a point. Also, too bad – she could be a very pretty girl. No doubt there is a boyfriend somewhere in this mix who will probably walk unless she cops a plea deal.

    • Jessie James

      not really once you use drugs the person looks go fast. no attractive people use drugs.

      • brettjv

        Some drugs, esp. if used in large quantities, yes. However a person can smoke some herb or do the occasional line of blow w/o screwing up their looks. And as long as you don’t go crazy on drugs for too long, your looks can recover. Look at Robert Downey Jr. for example.

      • deebag

        No attractive people use drugs? That statement is hilariously absurd.

      • M_nus

        Maybe in another galaxy…

    • Clay Jones

      I can think of only one reason someone would transport drugs at night and break traffic rules while doing it: stupidity. Nothing else makes sense. She looks like she’s a few bulbs short of a chandelier.

  • Jay Will

    That’s Justin Bieber twin sister?

  • Cindy Lee Harper

    Oh..that worried me! So glad to see the Real Peyton Manning is a stand up guy. 🙂

  • JohnsHopkins

    lucky for her she’s not a “person of Color”… like Walter Cronkite used to say “that’s the way it is” she would have been tazed, beaten, and bail set at $2,000,000 and not $20,000 you only need 10% of that to post up, she probably had that in her shoe.

    • Seriously

      Because pulling the race card here is totally relevant…. Douchebag.

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  • MJS

    Sigh…I hope she has a chance to turn her life around.

  • ScaredtoSay

    Poor girl, all the war on drugs does is destroy lives – period.