Super Bowl Sunday: Memorable Moments in NFL Championship History

When it comes to single day – winner takes all – sporting events, none are more anticipated or celebrated than the NFL Super Bowl. No matter where you live on the planet, sports fan or not, chances are very good that you have enjoyed a few frosty beverages in a raucous party type atmosphere during more than one Super Bowl Sunday. The NFL Championship is also the biggest day for betting on the NFL online, routinely seeing sportsbooks fielding more action on Super Bowl Sunday alone, than they’ll see in all the weeks until the season kicks off again. Memories of past Super Bowl extravaganzas often linger long after the stadium lights go dark and, as such, today we look back on some of the memorable moments that are part of Super Bowl Sunday history.

New York Jets vs. Baltimore Colts – “The Guarantee”

Super Bowl III produced the first underdog winner as QB Joe Namath and the New York Jets shocked the Baltimore Colts 16-7 at the Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida, on January 12, 1969. Namath, one of the first playboy/rebel rouser types in pro football, generated major headlines three nights before this contest. At a Miami Touchdown Club dinner in his honor, as the MTC Player of the Year, a reportedly intoxicated Broadway Joe boldly predicted “We’re gonna win the game. I guarantee it.'” Namath, who completed 17 of 28 passes for 206 yards, kept the Colts off guard all game long and is still the only Super Bowl MVP quarterback who didn’t throw a touchdown pass.

 Super sized Super Bowl commercials make their debut

Namath made history again in 1973 as he and a young gorgeous blond, the late Farrah Fawcett who was 26 at the time, starred in the first major Super Bowl ad campaign. Considered tame by today’s standards, Joe Willie and Fawcett teamed up for a “racy” shaving cream commercial that featured the partial tag line “Let Noxzema cream your face’”. A beautiful and very sexy Farrah seductively “creamed” Namath’s face prior to ending the 30-second spot with a playful kiss on his cheek. That commercial, which is still featured on You Tube today, helped launch the wave of must see commercials that we actually look forward to during the current Super Bowl telecasts.

Like birds on a wire – Pop Culture superstars flock to the Super Bowl

Superstars such as Madonna, Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Garth Brooks, the Rolling Stones and Areosmith, have all graced the Super Bowl stage over the years. The infamous one-second “nip slip” saw around the world, during the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show that featured Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake, helped usher in You Tube era and added the term “wardrobe malfunction” to the modern day dictionary. That “incident” motivated the FCC to increase the fine for broadcasting any “indecency” from $27,000 to $325,000 per violation. That in turn caused each of the major TV networks to impose stricter tape delay procedures for all live events – sporting event or otherwise. Online sports wagering websites are also in on the pop culture craze as they now offer entertainment proposition wagering options on the pre-game and halftime festivities as part of the 1,000’s of handicapping lines that are available to bettors around the world during Super Bowl Sunday. For more information on your betting options, check this page out here.

Enjoy future editions of the Super Bowl and keep your eyes peeled for the next memorable moment in NFL Championship history. Cheers!