TCU official apologizes for Facebook post on Texas A&M bonfire

TCU Assistant Athletics Director for Compliance Greg Featherston has apologized for an insensitive post on his Facebook page regarding Texas A&M’s bonfire tragedy in 1999.

The questionable post was a shared link that referred to A&M as a cult and cow college. It also minimized the deaths of students by calling the bonfire log collapse a result of, “drunken, negligent homicide.” Below is a screenshot of the post.

In his apology, courtesy of the Star-Telegram, Featherston wrote the following:

“I was on campus in Austin at the time of the tragedy, attended every vigil held on campus with UT students and A&M students who drove over from College Station. A very sad time for both institutions.”

“It was not my intention to disrespect the fallen students or minimize the magnitude of the disaster. I sincerely apologize for the my lapse in judgment with regard to the re-post.”

The initial post was a dumb move from somebody in his position (especially with the prying eyes of a rabid fan bases), but it takes character to own up to one’s blunder and admit error. Good to see Featherston quickly fall on the sword.