Video: Yulia Lipnitskaya suffers unfortunate fall during short program

Yulia Lipnitskaya had a rare miss on Wednesday when she fell during a triple flip in her short program routine. Despite the fall, Lipnitskaya still finished the round with a 65.23. She was sitting in fifth heading into the free skate, just behind American Gracie Gold.

The 15-year-old Russian shrugged off the fall and finished out the routine like a champion. Here she is showing off the world’s most impressive figure skating spin.

  • REE

    I feel so sorry for her:( the pressure got to her it would seem. Hopefully she can do something spectacular with her free program and hope one of the skaters above her faulter. So dissapointing. I really wanted her to win a medal. Everyone knows that she has the ability to do that. Such a shame that it wasn’t her day. Her schindlers list routine is amazing so here’s hoping that she can somehow scrape in there, although the chances are looking pretty slim now. Unfortunately the gaps too big and too many above her. Good luck for the future Yulia! You are a champ and a future Olympic gold medalist

    • Astriaicow

      Me too! I also really want Yulia to win, but I knew that Kim Yu Na would be hard to beat (and actually last night I dreamt that she won bronze—might be a premonition 😛 ). Oh well there’s always next time. The only thing is that it seems that the artistic skaters tend to have a hard time winning gold at the olympics–think of Sasha Cohen, Michelle Kwan, and now Lipnitskaya. Maybe a miracle would happen in the future who knows

  • Ashley Alexandra

    I love Yulia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yuliafan

    I became an instant fan of figure skating because of Yulia. Despite what happened, I love her and I will follow her in her career. I think she’s a soulful skater. Her time has just begun. Congratulations for that wonderful performance in the team event! I just love this girl.