Weird Al Just Created Alabama’s New Fight Song

Forget the “Summer of Johnny” or the “Summer of Gronk,” this is the “Summer of Weird Al.” America’s greatest living parody artist is burning up the charts with the release of his newest album “Mandatory Fun.” Things are going so well for Weird Al that he even has a puncher’s chance at landing the No. 1 album on the Billboard 200.

Of all the wonderful new cuts (this “Happy” parody is my favorite), there’s one tune that fits perfectly on our platform. It’s aptly titled “Sports Song,” and could easily pass for the Alabama Crimson Tide’s newest anthem. The song is over two minutes worth of trash talking, capped with a refrain of “We’re great. You suck.” Take a listen.

Yep, it sounds like the perfect ditty for ‘Bama fans to sing while filing out of Bryant Denny during the third quarter of the team’s latest blowout.