Will Muschamp’s Shadow Mullet Is Business And Party

Florida head coach Will Muschamp is on his way to ESPN for a Tuesday “Car Wash.” It’s business mixed with a little bit of party. For the occasion, Muschamp switched up his hair game, opting for the classic mullet.

Okay, maybe it’s just a shadow, but damn if it isn’t the most perfectly placed shadow ever. It really looks like Muschamp’s hair flows into long locks of party. Imagine Boom strutting the sidelines in The Swamp, coaching the team on the field and leading the fans in the stands … at the same time.

Now that the daydreaming is over, Muschamp will run through the ESPN gauntlet on Tuesday. He will make appearances across several of the Worldwide Leader’s programs, including: SportsCenter, CFB Live, SVP & Russillo, College Gameday Radio, the Freddie Coleman Show and Sedano & Stink.

[Thanks to @CelebrityHotTub for the hair tip]