10 Most American Foods In The History Of America

If you’re American this list will be no surprise – it’s basically a buffet of patriotism. If not, buckle your seat belts because you’re about to be force fed a whole lot of ‘Merican cuisine.

If these 10 foods don’t make you want to climb the Statue of Liberty while singing Lee Greenwood, then you just ain’t right. Let’s do it.  You gotta eat.

Hot Dogs – Ball Park, Sabrett, Hebrew National, Oscar Meyer, Nathan’s. If you can name five brands of encased meat off the top of your head, that’s American.

Hamburgers – You know it’s American when the French can’t pronounce it.

French Fries – Speaking of the French … fries are ours. As are everything under that umbrella: tots, freedom fries, sweet potato fries, zucchini fries. Take something, cut it into strips, drop into a deep fryer and boom! instant America.

Wings – Name the last Super Bowl party you went to that didn’t have wings? I rest my case.

Bacon – Everything is better with bacon … and I’m not just talking food. Think about it.

Beer – It’s called a liquid diet, and it’s delicious.

Pizza – I’m pretty sure millions of Italian college kids don’t live solely off pizza and beer for four years of their lives. Guess who does? ‘Mericans.

BBQ – Take whatever you’re looking at right now and throw it in a smoker. Come back in 12 hours and I guarantee it will taste delicious.

Steak – Knock its horns off, wipe its ass and bring it to the table.

Nachos – Basically any of the above foods mixed with cheese and tortillas. It’s nice at night and will destroy you in the morning. That’s the American way.