Bret Bielema Wins Twitter With Recipes, Meals That Will Make You Hungry

They say you should never go food shopping when you are hungry. Well, I guess you should never also write food posts while you’re hungry either!

Bret Bielema has gone all Food Network over the world of social media the last few months, showcasing some of the favorite for both he and his family.

We’ll start with breakfast:

Damn, Bret! Of course, he’s done breakfast right before:

Alright, those are both great ways to start. Let’s move on to the lunches and dinners that go on at the Bielema house:

I need to sit down after those. I swear, if he only had an appetizer of guacamole, I’d be in hog heaven (sorry, bad pun for an Arkansas post):

Kill me now.

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