Walking Tacos Are Pretty Much The Greatest Tailgate Food Ever

When deciding on what to cook for a tailgate, it’s hard to be able to please everyone with something quick, cheap, delicious and functional.

But if you make Walking Tacos, you will accomplish the ultimate goal of creating the perfect tailgate food.

What’s a Walking Taco?

A Walking Taco uses single serve bags of chips, usually Doritos or Fritos, along with taco meat and an array of toppings.

walking taco recipes

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Before opening the bag, slightly smash the chips. Then cut open the side of the bag to add toppings like ground beef, chicken, salsa, cheese, sour cream, lettuce and anything else you prefer to have on a typical taco.

The entire thing is eaten out of the bag, creating the “walking” part of the taco and an easy clean up as plates aren’t required.

The ground beef and chicken can be cooked in a crock pot the night before a big game. Also, assemble the toppings in portable dishes beforehand.

Come game day, all that’s left to do is let your guests create their desired combination.

Below are a few recipes to try out the Walking Taco at your next tailgate.

Doritos Locos Walking Tacos

Walking Tacos

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Healthy Walking Taco

Healthy Walking Tacos

image and recipe via Undressed Skeleton

Sante Fe Fritos Walking Taco

Walking Frito Pie

image and recipe via Boulder Lacavore

Cuban Walking Taco

If you don’t like tacos, there’s also a Cuban Sandwich version you can try out.

Cuban Sandwich Walking Taco

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