Rob Ryan soaks in Mardi Gras spirit as grand marshall of Krewe of Argus parade

Previously we saw a bunch of cloned Rob Ryans running around Mardi Gras like maniacs. Now, the real Rob Ryan is making the rounds as a grand marshall of the Krewe of Argus parade.

Conspiracy theory: the real Rob Ryan sent out the clones in order to scope the area for his big day.

Okay, back to real life. Ryan was spotted atop a float on Tuesday, soaking (literally) in the Mardi Gras spirit. The parade, which is Mardi Gras’ largest krewe for families, made its way down Veterans Memorial Boulevard.

The big guy was not only wearing a Drew Brees jersey, but he also fueled up at Brees’ Jimmy Johns before the parade – can’t blame him for that.

Rob Ryan and New Orleans were made for one another.