Samantha Schacher: Who Is The Girl Allegedly Suing Johnny Manziel?

According to a lawsuit dropped on Johnny Manziel in the state of Florida, the Cleveland Browns quarterback is being sued by Samantha Schacher for sexual harassment. Manziel’s agent has claimed that the suit filed is frivolous in nature, and with one reading you’ll feel exactly the same way about it. After all, Manziel making a homemade video at Walt Disney World while riding It’s A Small World will raise a few eyebrows – though is far from plausible.The suit has plenty of other far-out claims, which you can read here.

So who is Samantha Schacher, and does she really exist? Connecting the dots in the affidavit, Schacher is the co-host of “Dr. Drew On Call” on HLN, as well as host/producer/creator of “Pop Trigger” and “Debate Your Fate.” The lawsuit claims that Manziel wanted to have a threesome with her and Dr. Drew, which leads us to believe that whoever filed the claim intended it to be this Samantha Schacher.

While Schacher may be the unfortunate victim of a frivolous lawsuit and hoax, she has experienced one positive in the early going: as of posting, her Twitter following has grown 300+ people since the affidavit surfaced. As they say, “the only bad publicity is no publicity.”

It will be interesting to see how all of this unfolds, who is actually behind the lawsuit, and how Schacher’s camp responds.

*UPDATE* According to HLN spokesperson Alison Rudnick, the lawsuit is “100 percent a hoax.” Rudnick told Intelligencer, “[Scacher] is definitely aware and she’s like, ‘Wow, yeah, total hoax.’ It definitely came as much as a surprise to her as myself or anyone else.”