Shaq Reminds Charles Barkley That He ‘Kissed Dick In The Mouth’

It was a late one on Thursday night, and the “NBA on TNT” guys were fired up. Things took a turn fast when the crew started talking about interacting with referees before the game.

Shaq asked Charles Barkley if he used to “kiss up to them (refs).” Chuck should have never said no, because the Big Aristotle was waiting to pounce. Shaq followed with a “of course you did … you kissed Dick in the mouth,” throwing Chuck into post-relationship stress disorder. You see, Barkley did kiss Dick in the mouth – referee Dick Bavetta that is. It was during the 2007 NBA All-Star Game – a moment Shaq won’t ever forget.

It wasn’t the first time Shaq joked about kissing Dick on the air.

The guys may not have a job today, but never change. Never ever ever change.