Alabama Rolls In More Revenue Than Every NHL Team And 25 In NBA

With news that Alabama is selling the naming rights to nearly every nook and cranny of their athletics department, one might assume that the program is looking to offset some sort of troublesome financial burden. Not so fast, my friend. A recent report from the AP shows that the Tide is rolling along smoothly, and is incredibly profitable.

A professor from City University has noted that Alabama athletics raked in $143 million in revenue during 2013, more than nearly all the teams combined from two of America’s “Big Four” professional leagues.

“Revenues derived from college athletics is greater than the aggregate revenues of the NBA and the NHL,” said Marc Edelman, an associate professor at City University of New York who specializes in sports and antitrust law. He also noted that Alabama’s athletic revenues last year, which totaled $143 million, exceeded those of all 30 NHL teams and 25 of the 30 NBA teams.

Out of 60 professional franchises, scattered across the country, Alabama bests 55 of them. Amateur athletics is big business, and right now for the Tide, business is good.