Anti-SEC Network Commercial Broadcasts Throughout The South

Not all cable providers are happy about the SEC’s partnership with ESPN. By cornering the market on the nation’s premier athletic conference, the SEC Network can hold their product over the heads of providers in the South, charge inflated rates and know that, eventually, everyone will bend to their will.

Some companies, such as Comcast, have held out on landing the SEC Network. However, the conference’s primetime – football season – is creeping closer. With every passing day, and every consumer lost, southern providers without the new network lose leverage. In order to try and stem the tide in their direction, providers – presumably Comcast – have released the following anti-SEC Network commercial.

Two notes before watching. One: I saw this very commercial Monday night in Atlanta and didn’t pay it a second thought. It plays like a typical political smear/fear campaign that we’ve all become so desensitized to. Secondly, the above description of providers versus networks is the most bare bones of explanations. For an excellent encapsulation of this stand-off, I highly recommend this piece by Clay Travis.