Arkansas Razorbacks VW Bug Is One Incredible Woo Pig Sooie Ride

This is the first glimpse I’ve ever caught of this Arkansas Razorbacks VW Bug, so I apologies if I’m late to the party. With that said, it’s incredible enough to warrant a post.

While the Alabama Crimson Tide VW Bug is pretty spectacular, I have to give an edge to the Woo Pig Sooie version. The entire car is designed around the Razorbacks’ logo. The Bama car, on the other hand, simply has a giant elephant head molded onto the top. No knock on the Tide, it’s just that this is a very creative design.

The Woo Pig Sooie VW Bug is owned by the university, according to a former student.

Your move, Alabama.

[H/T Lost Lettermen]