Best College Football Stadium Scoreboards Are Monstrous

Welcome to a slow news day, where ranking college football stadium scoreboards is a thing. In all honesty though, Edward Aschoff’s piece on the best video boards in the NCAA is right up our alley. Fan experience is at the forefront of our minds here at Gamedayr, so we love when athletic directors compete against affordable home technology in an effort to put butts in the seats.

In addition to bringing in the fans, modern features like HD boards also capture the attention of potential players – a must in the high-paced, what-have-I-seen-lately recruiting world.

It’s big business in the world of amateur athletics.

Without further ado, here’s how Aschoff ranks the top 10 scoreboards in college football – based on several factors (i.e size, features, resolution, etc.). And for an example of just how fast this world is moving, the Florida Gators’ massive new boards installed following the 2008 BCS title didn’t even make the list. Did I mention Aschoff attended UF?

Note: Some of the boards included are part of an upcoming renovation/addition/expansion.

  1. Texas: 134 feet X 55 feet (7,730 square feet)
  2. Texas A&M: 163 X 47 (7,661)
  3. Arkansas: 166.3 X 37.8 (6,286)
  4. USC: 150 X 40 (6,000)
  5. Miami: 138.5 X 48.5 (6,717)
  6. Arizona: 112 X 47 (5,264)
  7. Mississippi State: 111 X 47, Total structure stands 152 X 135.6
  8. Oklahoma: Currently 5,146 square feet, but soon to be 8,750
  9. Michigan State: 5,300 square feet
  10. Ohio State: 124 X 42

Honorable Mentions: Baylor, (107 X 47), Minnesota (108 X 48), and South Carolina (4,464 square feet)