Who’s Ready to Coach the Tampa Bay Bucs?

It has been an ignominious week for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after they fired their head coach Lovie Smith in the beginning of January 2016. In the interim, they have interviewed several top tier coaches in Harold Goodwin, Dirk Koetter and Sen McDermott. As it stands, it looks like Dirk will get the nod, but nothing is cast in stone. Football aficionados are weighing in with their own suggestions that perhaps Alabama coach, the highly decorated Nick Saban could get a foot in the door. Saban is an excellent defensive coach, and his record speaks volumes. This is evident in his tenure as coach of the Miami Dolphins. If the Tampa Bay Buccaneers decided to hire the Alabama maestro, they could still employ the services of Dirk Koetter in the role of offensive coordinator.

It should be pointed out that Saban is one of the best coaches who is currently not involved in the National Football League. There are increasing calls from all corners of Florida to get the brains trust to get in touch with him, to offer him the top job. Most everyone wants this highly successful Alabama football coach to head on south to Florida and apply his magic to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. His resume speaks volumes: the Alabama Crimson Tide football team has just celebrated its fourth national title in seven seasons. They recently cruised to victory over Clemson with a stunning 45 – 40 win. Such is his pedigree that he is able to win major national titles with defensive play, offensive play and all manner of play.

And when the Alabama Crimson Tide football team is not winning national titles, they are always up there with the best of them, and always in contention. While it must be said that the quarterbacks honestly weren’t the best, they are capable and his staff of assistant coaches and technical coordinators certainly weighs in with invaluable experience, insight and determination. As a successful college coach, Saban has the steel than it takes to win under pressure. At the age of 64, he has some time left to make a big impression in the NFL. His two seasons with the Dolphins were lackluster, and for this reason Saban may feel that redemption is owed to him. During his first season of play he went 9-7 and during his second season the results were 6-10. His overall record was 15-17 during 2 seasons at the National Football League. That is not a record that the coach can be especially proud of, but it’s not disastrous either.

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The big question on everybody’s mind is whether his appointment as head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will ever come to fruition. Of course, he needs to be approached first by selectors to determine whether he is even in contention for the top job. Many American football fans enjoy virtual gambling, you should compare the best sports betting sites before you start. There you’ll be able to bet whether he’ll be successful or not and earn some money while doing so.
A lot of fans have an appreciation for Saban’s style of play, his grit and determination. In fact, football fans across the United Kingdom, continental Europe and North America proper are keen to see some fresh faces with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. One of his most redeeming qualities is his ability to interact with the younger generation – the millennials.

He has such an impressive set of characteristics that his appointment will work wonders for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. There are some concerns about Saban, especially when one considers Greg Schiano whose career ended disastrously. Saban will need to make the transition from college-age kids who are short on cash and desperately trying to get a foot in the door, and multimillionaire NFL players who are hulking ego-driven giants. His rancorous relationship with the NFL has not endeared him to the organization, and he may just want to hang onto his title as one of the best college coaches in the US at this point in time. What is the likelihood of him being appointed as Bucs coach? Not very high!