Brazil Team Preview And World Cup 2014 Betting Odds

Brazil is not only the host country for the 2014 World Cup, but also one of the favorites to win the entire tournament. Though they are a young club and weak at striker, they makes up for it with talent and depth up front. Neymar is a budding superstar, and with a physical midfield, the club won’t be forced to score a lot of goals. It can grind out low-scoring victories if needed.

Brazil is expected to win Group A in a cakewalk, and finishing anywhere but first in the grouping will raise many questions. If and when they make it to the knockout Round of 16, a difficult battle with either Spain (whom Brazil defeated in last year’s Confederations Cup) or the Netherlands likely looms. A relatively weak group stage should allow for the home team to work out any kinks.

Below is a complete preview of Brazil’s strengths and weaknesses, along with 2014 World Cup odds for the team. Be sure to check out BetDSI for real-time game updates, as they will have live trackers throughout the tournament.