Buffalo Bills Delete Strange Post Stating That Doug Marrone Has Cancer

The Buffalo Bills may have gotten a little ahead of themselves on Tuesday when they posted an article about coach Doug Marrone having cancer.

The piece seemed like a blanket template, in that it outlined a story but was incomplete on details – a tactic used by publications to own SEO and be the first reporters of a story. Items such as the type of cancer and a statement from Marrone were not included in the article.

The post has been deleted; however a url and comments section remain on the Bills’ site. Below is a screen shot of the article’s body.

The post was also distributed on Buffalo’s mobile platform. Spelling errors – assuming “aggrive” should be “aggressive” – are more visible than on the main site.

Publication errors aside, hopefully Marrone is okay. If the story is true, here’s wishing him a safe and fast recovery.


The Bills released a statement from Marrone late Tuesday evening in regards to a cancerous mole.

“During a recent doctor’s visit, it was discovered that I had a cancerous mole on my skin, which has since been removed. The only follow up required is to have my moles checked every three months and that basically is the end of the story. The recent extraction procedure will have no effect on my ability to coach the team moving forward.”

Here is a link to the article on Buffalo’s site. The original, deleted post is still an active url, though has no body.