Cubs And Rays Are In A Fauxback Twitter Fight Over The ‘Devil’

The Chicago Cubs are hosting the Tampa Bay Rays this weekend for a three-games series at Wrigley Field, with Sunday’s contest a throwback to the 1980s. The Cubs will wear their classic pinstripe jerseys, while the Rays have designed a set of fauxback threads for the day.

In honor of the old school weekend, Chicago decided to fly a “Devil Rays” flag outside of the ballpark. Apparently this didn’t sit too well with Tampa Bay, who reminded the Cubs (via Twitter) that they are simply the Rays by referencing Chicago’s old Orphans moniker.

The flag’s intent pretty much flew right over Tampa Bay’s head, which gave Chicago a perfect opportunity to poke fun at the franchise’s brief history. 

The Cubs don’t often win, but when they do, they drop the mic.