Curious Marketplaces and Gamedayr partner to create marketplaces for college fans

McKinney, TX (March 4, 2014) – McKinney, TX startup,, and one of the top entertaining and publishing platforms for sports fans,, have announced a partnership to begin providing exclusive community marketplaces for passion-driven college fan bases.

The partnership will begin to build and promote 15 different marketplaces, or Curious Marketplaces, dedicated to specific college fan bases. Some marketplaces include:,,, and more. See the full line up at

“We couldn’t be more excited to be partnered with such a prominent brand and community dedicated to college sports,” says Komail Mithani, Director of Operations for Curious Marketplaces.

A Curious Marketplace is a safe place for like-minded individuals, such as college fan bases, to find, buy and sell new and used goods exclusively with each other. It’s a place that will always be hyper-specific, safe and dedicated to one college’s fan base.

Each Curious Marketplace has a secret password or Curious question so only people that know it can post new or used stuff. Also, it’s easy to buy new or used goods safely and securely with a credit card or secure Paypal account.

“Partnering with Curious Marketplaces will allow us to add even more value to our community of avid Gamedayrs and give us a better way to communicate and connect with our audience,” says Anthony Campanella, President & COO of