Report: Daniel Snyder to meet with Roger Goodell about Redskins name

By now, the controversy surrounding Washington’s nickname, the Redskins, has been well documented. Team owner Daniel Snyder has been adamant in the past about not changing the name; however, he is under more pressure now than ever before.

According to Mark Maske of The Washington Post, Snyder is scheduled to meet with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell this week. A source close to the situation told Maske that the meeting “is to get more of an understanding from the club as to how it plans to address the issue.”

Goodell will reportedly meet with the Oneida Indian Nation regarding the name on Wednesday. From the sounds of it, Goodell wants to know Snyder’s future plans in regards to the use of “Redskins,” and if he plans on changing the nickname.

Nearly everyone has chimed in on the controversy, from Bob Costas to Jerry Jones. It seems almost inevitable that Snyder will have to listen to the masses calling for a name change, whether he likes it or not.