David Ortiz’s Selfie With Barack Obama Was Samsung Stunt

This is news we hate to break to our fans, because the selfie moment with David Ortiz, the Boston Red Sox and President Barack Obama on Tuesday was simply awesome. That is, before the world learned it was all a Samsung stunt. In hindsight, it only seems fitting that the picture occurred on April Fool’s Day, because the cellular company got us all.

The Boston Globe reports that the selfie was part of Big Papi’s new endorsement deal with samsung:

Samsung confirmed that it had helped Ortiz take Tuesday’s selfie with President Obama. The mobile provider then promoted the picture on Twitter to the company’s 5.2 million followers.

Trade publication Sports Business Journal reported on Monday that Ortiz had inked a new endorsement deal with the cellphone provider.


“When we heard about the visit to the White House, we worked with David and the team on how to share images with fans. We didn’t know if or what he would be able to capture using his Note 3 device.”

Samsung nonchalantly pushed their brand as the photo was retweeted 34,000 times throughout the day:

Samsung Mobile promoted the Obama-Ortiz selfie on Twitter after the Red Sox appeared at the White House, and it had been retweeted 34,000 times as of Tuesday evening. As Twitter users weighed in, Samsung Mobile smartly responded to individual users asking about the picture. “This photo was taken with a #GalaxyNote3,’’ Samsung Mobile US tweeted.

In the end, it was a brilliant marketing move by Samsung. And, let’s face it, the selfie would have happened no matter what, so all is not lost.

For those still disappointed that it wasn’t entirely genuine, we will leave you with the Red Sox women.