Diddy, Rick Ross Tweet Interest in Buying Clippers

On Tuesday, Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling learned his fate from NBA commissioner Adam Silver. Sterling’s racist comments have led to a lifetime ban from the NBA and Clippers operations. He’s also been fined $2.5 million, and it appears that Silver is going to do all he can to force Sterling into selling the team.

It wasn’t long after the commissioner made his announcement that the first interested parties for buying the Clippers surfaced. Hip hop icons Diddy and Rick Ross tweeted their interest in purchasing/investing in the team.

Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to see Rick Rozay hustling the sidelines of the Staples Center Wingstop Arena?

Name your price, Sterling. Let’s get this thing done so we can all move on.

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  • Lebron.

    man ricky aint got the cheese for that.