ESPN gets into a Twitter feud with Georgia Tech over Orange Bowl broadcast

ESPN’s Sr. Director of Public Relations, Keri Potts, showed off her PR acumen on Saturday. After Georgia Tech associate athletic director Ryan Bamford made a dig about the Worldwide Leader, Potts defended her company like a drunken Alabama mother at the Sugar Bowl.

For a little background: Potts resides in Atlanta. All the city’s hot college football gossip currenty centers on the defection of Tech quarterback Vad Lee and coach Paul Johnson’s discontent.

As for Bamford, well he just acted as a sounding board for the public. However, he should’ve expected ESPN to stick up for Millen. After all, this is the network that trolled an entire state by assigning Millen to announce the 2010 Michigan-Michigan State game. Any polarizing figure – Skip Bayless, Mark May, Matt Millen, etc. – will garner support from ESPN because they stimulate conversation about the network.

Potts and Bamford went back and forth a little more, before calling off the dogs.

ESPN GT twitter feud
ESPN GT feud
Ahh, I love the smell of a Twitter feud early in the morning.