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ESPN’s Steve Spurrier Documentary Will Make You A Believer

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Cred: Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

At first viewing, this trailer’s opening sequence seems a bit odd. It’s an ESPN documentary on Steve Spurrier, but half of the video is spent juxtaposing the HBC to a preacher.

But then you take a step back and think of the miracles he worked at Duke and South Carolina. How at UF he was the Golden Boy long before Tim Tebow was even a glimmer in his momma’s eye. And how every podium is like his personal pulpit, and every interview a sermon.

The film is titled “The Believer,” which, after considering Spurrier’s body of work, sounds like a fitting name.

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  • Newshound

    Ok so while i can’t wait for it why in the world is the opening soundtrack a war chant like that of our most hated rivals… you know that team out west?

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