ESPN Website Fails With False AJ McCarron-Baltimore Ravens Report

I’ll admit it: this fail by ESPN on its website fooled me. After scanning my Twitter feed and seeing that AJ McCarron was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens, I flipped to ESPN for verification. However, their coverage is quite scattered due to the speed with which late-round picks are announced.

The next stop was, and jackpot. Both their main page and draft tracker had McCarron attached to Baltimore. The main page looked like this.

aj mccarron

Having the confirmation, I traveled to our site’s Alabama Twitter feed to share the big news. How exciting, McCarron was following CJ Mosley to Baltimore. Two Alabama team captains selected by Crimson Tide great Ozzie Newsome – the story could practically write itself.

Except it couldn’t.

ESPN was wrong, therefore I was wrong. Tweets started flooding in to alert me of my foolishness. The Ravens had actually selected running back Lorenzo Taliaferro out of Coastal Carolina.

A return to and the main page looked like this.

aj mccarron

So there it is. I trusted the website of a company that was broadcasting the draft and got burned. Who hasn’t showed their ass to thousands of people on Twitter before? Ugh.

A lesson learned: source more than one outlet (even if they own rights to the event you’re speaking on) before popping off on Twitter. Double down on that knowledge when it involves one of the most beloved athletes in program history.

So much for a relaxing Saturday.