Forbes’ Most Valuable NFL Teams For 2014: Worthy Takeaways

Every year Forbes releases their rankings of the most valuable teams in the NFL, and every year fans look forward to pushing the Cowboys off the top of the platform.

But it’s not this year because, for the eighth year in a row, the Cowboys rank No. 1. In fact, their overall revenue was more than double almost half the teams in the NFL.

However, there are some teams that have made significant improvement while others are still rounding out the bottom of the rankings, which Forbes says is determined by “enterprise values (equity plus net debt) based on each team’s current stadium (with adjustments for pending new stadiums and renovations).”

Most Notable
  • The Cowboys($3.2 billion) and Patriots ($2.6 billion) earn the top two spots, and, despite the current naming controversy, the Redskins round out the top three with a $2.4 billion valuation.
  • The Texans are valued at $1.85 billion and have plans to make significant upgrades to their stadium.
  • Other teams that round out the top ten include Giants ($2.1 billion), Jets ($1.8 billion), Eagles ($1.75 billion), Bears ($1.7 billion), 49ers ($1.6 billion) and Ravens ($1.5 billion).

Side note: if you want your kid to have a snowball’s chance in hell of owning an NFL team worth a billion dollars, name him Robert as three of the top 6 teams have an owner with that name (Robert Kraft/Patriots, Robert McNair/Texans, Robert Wood Johnson IV/Jets).  

  • Since Shad Khan took ownership of the Jaguars, they have increased in value by $205 million dollars to a total of $965 million, and are no longer dead last on the list (now 29th).
  • Speaking of bottom of the barrel, the No. 30 Lions are valued at $960 million, No. 31 Bills are worth $935 million, and No. 32 Rams bring up the rear at $930 million.
  • Only one team lost revenue last season and that belongs to the Lions, who brought in $254 million but had a $16-million operating loss due to Ford Field debts and high payroll. 

Check out Forbes for the rest of the list.