Great American Cookie Tweet Puts Icing On NCAA Cake

South Carolina thought it had a major minor violation on its hands last week when it self-reported impermissible icing on top of cookie cakes.

Cookies in cake form. Illicit icing. From the surface it looked like some serious shit was about to go down. Thankfully the NCAA, SEC and South Carolina compliance officials talked, and cooler heads prevailed. There will be no infraction.

In hindsight, it makes sense. I mean, it’s not like players were overindulging on $2 worth of pasta, or coaches were butt dialing. And we’re talking about icing. Come see me when it’s cream cheese and bagels, chief. But icing, nuh-uh. The confectionary world rejoiced at the NCAA’s leniency, and the big bad wolf even earned itself a cookie.

Good. Now we can be friends again.

[Garnett And Black Attack]