How much money did Michael Jordan make in 2013?

Michael Jordan may not have played in the NBA since 2003, but his earnings are championship caliber. According to Forbes, in 2013 Jordan made roughly $90 million. It was the most in his career, topping a previous high of $80 million from his 1997-98 title season with the Chicago Bulls.

To put his earnings into perspective: not only did Jordan make more than any retired athlete, he also made more than any current athlete (in any sport), except for Floyd Mayweather.

Forbes attributes much of Jordan’s success (an estimated $75 million) to his relationship with Nike. A comparison to the NBA’s top retail seller, LeBron James, shows just how dominant Jordan is. James’ Nike brand earned $300 million last year; Jordan’s brought in $2.25 billion. In 2013, one of every two basketball shoes sold in the United States had a Jumpman on it. So, while it’s good to be The King, MJ is in rarified air.

Aside from Nike, Jordan has income streams from Hanes, Gatorade, and Upper Deck, among other companies and private ventures. His Charlotte Bobcats franchise was also valued 30% higher over the past year – turning a profit for the first time in five years.

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