Joe Paterno Win Total Inspires State College Pizza Joint

The latest homage to Joe Paterno in State College comes in the form of a pizza joint: 409 Pizza and Win(g)s.

In the wake of the Jerry Sandusky fallout, the NCAA revoked 111 of JoePa’s victories knocking his official count from 409 to 298. It’s a hot-button issue among Paterno loyalists that lends itself to excellent barroom banter and, apparently, creative business names.

While 409 doesn’t have any kitschy Paterno-esque items on the menu (Strom-Joe-lis, anyone?), it does have a whole slew of specials for $4.09. Oddly enough, the place closes at 4:00 a.m. on weekends – wouldn’t 4:09 make more sense to really round the theme out?

All that’s left now is to await Mark Emmert’s inevitable opening of “298 Pizza and Win(g)s” across the street to piss everyone in town off, and drive off the competition with his $2.98 wing specials.