Kentucky And Louisville Trains Battle For Sweet 16 Supremacy

Kentucky and Louisville are set to face off in a Sweet 16 rivalry showdown for the ages. We’ve seen everything from red and blue pasta, to Louisville’s mayor trolling Wildcat fans. Now, one of the more creative wagers of the tournament has been placed.

A Kentucky-based railway company is putting its two team-painted locomotives on the line. The following, according to Jonathan Lintner of The Courier-Journal:

Paducah & Louisville Railway Inc. painted up two of its locomotives — one after UK won the national title in 2012 and again for U of L’s 2013 championship — and this week moved them to its rail yard in Louisville, where they’re facing one another.

They won’t stay that way, though, as the winning team’s locomotive will lead the loser’s engine around the state’s rails until the schools’ football teams meet in November.

P&L’s regional rail system stretches 256 miles, and whichever team wins, their respective train will be painting the state with its colors for the next eight months.