Kliff Kingsbury Dances Recruiting Circles Around College Football

Kliff Kingsbury has put the college football world on notice. He raps, he flirts, he dances … Kliff straight brings the swag. While coaches are busy working on their recruiting pitches, Kingsbury already has his down, and it works from anywhere, at anytime. One view of this dance-off video from Texas Tech practice and you’d be hard pressed to find a recruit who wouldn’t want to play for him.

You want 5-star recruits? Kingsbury just showed you how to get 5-star recruits without even picking up the phone.

kliff kingsbury meme

[Meme via @RedditCFB]

With all the promise that Kliff Kingsbury is bringing to the Red Raiders, fans should be sure to get their Texas Tech football tickets before they sell out.